lunedì, maggio 05, 2008

[Precog] mayday protests mar charlemagne prize of eu elites in aachen

di Alex Foti - da Precog

between 10 and 12:30 scuffles with police as a euromayday contingent got up in front of merkel, sarkozy, trichet, barroso, solana, ciampi, balkenende, pottering to wave the four mayday stars and bringing them to account for the inequality, precarity, securitization of european society they are engineering. 7 arrested, among whom author of mayday poster and later released as parade was split in too by riot cops who ran after pink clowns and pink sambas. we are now back at welthaus after having played cat and mouse with police for hours in old quarter and in front of the station of aachen.

in the morning 500 people converged behind two trucks to go to marktplatz. fascists attack pink contingent but are quickly put on the run by koeln antifas. we run thru the city to get to destination. we pass one barrier of vans then another people are stopped and others block police vans. finally half get to the area were a megascreen pictures merkel and the others with charlemagne medal. we get up in front: no border no nation stop deportation in brussels and everywhere. mayday is our day not your day. we are europe, you are the undemocratic rulers of the minor european empire of christian, nationalist, miitarist, charlemagne europe. thanks for poverty, discrimination, monetarism. as they waved the crowd we were there lifting the finger and screaming bastard at a barroso caught under a moment of rain and hail, at a trichet frozen is disbelief and outrage.
then sun return bus from liege arrives and train from koeln. two other soundtrucks join, no border no precarity fight against new inequality, food not bombs too. we are more than 1500 now. turin samba starts playing the vibe is good and we move slowly. they block the vegan truck (another great group,le sabot is feeding maydayers night and day).

we continue and stop at the station. in malaga maydayers are blocking a station at the same time because police wont make 2000 precarious and migrants leave for the parade. 6000 people and 9 trucks in berlin. 100.000 in milan at the mayday parade says the metalwokrers union! we are there asking the release of the four caught when a reported sitin at the start of parade blocked stream of black limousines and got arrested. we wont continue until thezy are releaseed. the atmo for a while winds down. people dance the chiki chiki precario, listen to mayday songs, drink beer, listen to san precario mock prayers. speeches are made. but then the situation gets tens. 400 riot cops are moving in. we gotta move. the organizers many close to die linke are hesitant. the cops are moving in we have just started to move the people to the arrival point of the parade. the cops break the road in two. other than for clowns they split friends in two. two arrests are made before my eyes, two other on the other side. the cops try to push us away. we resist. then after we move.

suddeny they run after us. the parade is broken. clown army and pink samba from liege completely surrounded. some escape on roofs receiving assistance from local people. than after more than one hour we manage to reach the columns and stairs were the sound system is booming. we count th emissing the legal team starts working to release the prisoners. when mike and sebastian get here they are cheered with relief. slowly also the others are liberated. we defended mayday in aachen against karlspreis and exposed the extreme aggressiveness of the german version of the security state that sarko and berlusconi are building in france and italz. cops sought to provoke us into a riot and prevent freedom of movement and expression. they failed. mayday mayday all over europe, solidarity from activists and protesteersfrom belgium, france, holland, italy, spain, japan in aachen/ aix la chapelle, the city of the eu oscar ceremony held on ascension day where charlemagne is buried. let´s build a radical europe against discredited elites....

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